Sign-up to Marram - Calculate your Contributions help

To check whether the organisation you work for is a Marram Affiliated Organisation, and to read more about the Marram sign-up process, click the link Learn more about contributing to Marram on the Contributor application screen.

If you are eligible to contribute to Marram:

  • Select the Affiliated Organisation that you work for from the list;
  • If your organisation has different branch/division payrolls, select your branch from the branch list;
  • If your organisation has multiple employee groups for Marram subsidy purposes, select the group that you belong to from the list: please check with your payroll person which option(s) are available to you;
  • If your organisation pays over multiple frequencies, select your payroll frequency from the list;
  • If there are options of paying via a payroll deduction or via direct debit from your bank account you will then be able to select which method you wish to use: normally this choice is not available, as the method of payment is fixed at one or the other for an organisation;
  • Then click the Calculate my contribution button. The next page will display how much your contribution will be. If you are happy with this amount and wish to proceed, click Join Online.

If you have any doubts about any of the selection options on this screen, do not proceed, but ring our Enquiries team on (04) 801 2920.