Marram Sales and Marketing

Marram is dedicated to building relationships with our contributors and the organisations for whom they work.

People interested in finding out more about Marram should contact our Sales and Marketing Manager who can answer any questions you may have about the Marram community and the wide-ranging benefits we offer.

Marram publishes two posters that Affiliated Organisations can display on noticeboards and in staff areas. These posters show employees all our Holiday homes and Healthcare benefits and briefly explains how Marram works.

If you would like to display these posters or need a supply of our promotional brochures for your induction packs, please contact our Sales and Marketing Manager.

Sales & Marketing Manager

Carmen O’Shaughnessy joined Marram in May 2008, bringing extensive experience in both the wine and health industries. Carmen works hard to bring Marram’s Holiday home and Healthcare benefits to all the employees of our Affiliated Organisations. 

Please contact Carmen if you would like to find out more about our Holiday Homes and Healthcare benefits, or the Marram community in general.

Carmen O'Shaughnessy

T: 04 801 5359

E: Carmen.o'